Kendras' mods for Silent Hunter 3
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[WIP] Liberty Ship (SH5 model) Empty [WIP] Liberty Ship (SH5 model)

Jeu 27 Sep - 15:48
Liberty Ship

- many hours of work and tests
- 3D model from SH5
- this unit will replace the one that you already have in your stock game files


Work already done :

- (re)placed all guns' and searchlights' nodes
- created/corrected/tested all the individual traverse parameters linked to the guns' and searchlights' nodes.

- reworked cargos : tanks and trucks correctly scaled, truck 3D model completly corrected with a technical plan of the american GMC CCKW + better 3D model for the wheels, reworked textures, new aircrafts (disassembled Wildcats), biggest load of crates and oil barrels. The ship's deck is now fully loaded with special nodes. To change the cargo type, you have to change the "loadout definition", the "external storage" is no more working. By default, the deck is loaded with crates.

- corrected the damage zones of the ship

- resized the anchors (were much too big) and placed at the proper location
- funnel : improved a bit the height of the funnel, reworked the 3D shape of the top part, and redone the UV-map to add a black band at the top
- hatches : moved them to their proper location + new 3D models made by me (with the help of a technical plan).
- remodelled the gun's platform at the bow
- added rafts near the stern mast
- propeller : new 3D model, edge-splitted + UV-map re-done and attached to a new and realistic bronze-metal texture
- catarg masts : moved to correct location, reworked the top of the masts (more realistic size and shape), added damage boxes + collision spheres
- added bollards (3D model made by me)
- added a fantail at the stern
- improved the 3D model of the ventilators and replaced all of them + damage zones
- cracks retextured with black texture from WoW

- new lifeboats (WoW)

- redone completly the UV-map of the hull to have the possibility to apply different textures



- redo the UV-map of the catarg masts to have the new textures directly applied on them
- improve the front aspect of the deckhouse (portholes, windows)



- the_frog : he corrected the strange light reflections which could be seen on the hull ; with my own method, I then improved the result by a manual edge-splitting process.
- gap : he deleted the holes in the 3D mesh of the hull where the giant anchors were located.

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