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Date d'inscription : 23/07/2018

B17s' formations Empty B17s' formations

Sam 28 Juil - 10:01
B17s' formations
12 March 2017.

B17s' formations B05TjIU

This mod introduces entire formations of B17 Flying Fortresses, the so famous American bomber of the Second World War. Each formation is in fact a unique air unit : all the airplanes of the formation are contained in the same file. This method allows to correctly place each aircraft in the formation, and to spawn many bombers with only a very small impact on the graphics performances (FPS). For example, the single mission attached to this mod will spawn no less than 651 B17s !

I have created 6 different groups of bombers, based on historical documents and pictures. Also a new sound comes with the mod, to give the necessary noise made by all these airplanes !

The model of the B17 is not new, this is the one which comes with GWX 3.0. I've just simplified a bit the model (still to improve graphics performances) and reworked the texture.

Also, it is possible to give to each bombers the condensation trails which appeared at high altitudes. This can be made easilly by setting the right bomb loadout in the mission editor (choose "High Altitude instead of "basic").

Names in Mission Editor : "Sq" means Squadron, "CB" means Combat Box and the number following it means the number of aircrafts it contains. A combat box contains several squadrons.


- B17_Sq6 : a 6 planes squadron
- B17_Sq9 : a 9 planes squadron
- B17_Sq12 : a 12 planes squadron in 1944-45.


- B17_CB12 : from June 1942.
- B17_CB18 : from September 1942.
- B17_CB18-99 : combat box of 2 nine planes squadrons, appeared in September 1942.
- B17_CB18-J : special combat box of 3 six planes squadrons, with bombers stacked towards the sun, appeared in December 1942.
- B17_CB18-666 : combat box of 3 six planes squadrons, the "tucked-in" combat wing, appeared in April 1943.
- B17_CB20 : variant of the "tucked-in" combat wing.
- B17_CB36 : combat box of 3 twelve planes squadrons, introduced in January 1944 and used seccessfully until the end of the war.

Two single missions are coming with this mod :

- "B-17 REVIEW" : will spawn all formations in the order above.
- "b17 test" : will spawn a huge group of 651 bombers.

Source :

- The aircrafts are not carrying any bombs, so they won't attack you. Also, the units are undestroyable, so don't fire at them, this is useless.
- The next step will be to add these units in your campaign file. Unfortunately, I've not enough time now in R/L life. But it will be done one day !

* * * * * *

INSTALLATION. Put the folder called "B17s Formations" into your MODS folder, and enable it with JSGME.

WARNING ! Use at your own risks. This is a non commercial mod. If you want to use it in one of your mods, please ask me before.


- GWX 3.0 for the model of B17 (don't know the real author)
- "skwasjer" for S3D.
- "Sansal" for his great remapping tool (Pack3D_1.22.1005.jar)
- "Plissken_04" for his giant library of all SH3 mods.

D/L link :

B17s' formations 6ZKce2w

B17s' formations GyeJ1V0
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